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Ching-Feng Weng, Professor 翁慶豐

Ching-Feng Weng, Professor, PhD

PhD in Physiology, 1994

University of Maryland at Baltimore, USA


Tel: 886-3-8903637; Fax: 886-3-8900163

Research Interests:

1. Chinese medicine and herbs

2. Molecular physiology

3. Liver fibrosis and regeneration.



Veterinary doctor, Taiwan Sugar Company, Taiwan


Assistant Researcher, Taiwan Pig research Institute, Taiwan


Adjutant Editor, China Animal science Society, Taiwan


Research Associate, Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan


Assistant Researcher, Department of Pathology, Waltereed Army Hospital, USA


Post-doctor Fellow, Institute of. Zoology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan


Associate Researcher and Production Chief, National Laboratory Animal Center, Taiwan


Post-doctor Fellow, Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan


Assistant Professor, Department of Life Science and Graduate Inst Biotechnology, National Dong-Hwa University


Associate Professor, Department of Life Science and Graduate Inst Biotechnology, National Dong-Hwa University


Professor, Department of Life Science and Graduate Inst Biotechnology, National Dong-Hwa University


Chairman, Department of Life Science and Graduate Inst Biotechnology, National Dong-Hwa University

SCI Journals

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